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SPPSPTM successfully conducted 3 days hands-on workshop on LC-MS/MS

The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry organized three days workshop and hands on training on LC-MS/MS from 20th to 22nd April, 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to educate the research students and faculty the basics and the application of this instrument

Following speakers were invited for the workshop over the period of three days:

  1. Dr Ajit Datar, Shimadzu Analytical Ltd (Theoretical basics of hyphenated techniques)
  2. Dr Krishnapriya Mohanraj, Professor, Bombay College of Pharmacy (Decoding Tandem mass spectrum for impurity profiling, basics and case studies) 
  3. Mr Ashutosh Shelar, Shimadzu Analytical Ltd Department of bioanalysis, (Bioanalytical method development and validation using LC-MS/MS) 
  4. Dr Parag Gide, Principal, L.H. Hiranandani College of Pharmacy, (Challenges in bioanalysis) 
  5. Dr Priti Amritkar, Director, Envirocare labs (India) Pvt Ltd (Application of LC-MS/MS in food safety analysis

In addition to these lectures in the morning sessions, hands on experiments were planned in the afternoon session. The participants of this workshop were senior faculty, PhD and master students from reputed pharmacy colleges from Mumbai and Pune and research laboratories like Central drug testing lab

The workshop was inaugurated by Dean Dr Bala Prabhakar and Associate Dean Dr Mayur Yergeri, giving a brief introduction about the University, the School and the type of research the school and faculty are involved into. The workshop was introduced by the co-ordinator Dr Amisha Vora and successfully conducted with the whole hearted support of her colleagues Dr Kapil Juvale and Dr Vivek Nalawade.

At the end of the workshop, feedback was taken from all the participants. The hands on training was appreciated by each and every participant of the workshop and mentioned they would be keen on attending on similar workshops again.

Following are the few glimpses of the workshop:



LC-MS/MS facility at the SPPSPTM
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