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Dr. Bala Prabhakar

Dr. Bala Prabhakar


Qualification    :  M. Pharm., Ph.D. (Tech.)

Specialization  : Pharmaceutical Technology

E mail               : bala.prabhakar@nmims.edu

Phone               : 022-42332000 (Extn-2001)

Experience       : 37.8 years (Administration (Inclusive) – 21.3 years)

Worked with Directorate of Health Services, Andaman & Nicobar Administration, PortBlair, and in Government College, Port Blair.  She is in the profession of teaching for more than 37 years with 21 years in the administration.  Worked in All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) in E&T, RID, and other Bureaus.  Worked as an academician in various prestigious well established academic institutions in the field of Pharmacy, namely, C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, SNDT Women’s University, K M Kundnani College of Pharmacy affiliated to Mumbai University.

Interest areas: Novel Drug Delivery Systems, Targeted Drug Delivery


  • Publications – 87 (International - 78, National - 9)
  • Books - 01
  • Book Chapters - 03
  • Patents – 05 filed and 01 granted
  • Presentations- 73 (International- 40, National-33)
  • Completed Government funded projects – 07
  1. As Principal Investigator : Transdermal Contraceptive Delivery Systems. University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
  2. As Co-Investigator : Design and evaluation of solid lipid nano-particulate drug delivery system for targeting in cancer chemotherapy. Dept. of Atomic Energy under BRNS scheme.
  3. As Co-Investigator : Design and evaluation of new drug delivery system for anti-HIV drugs. AICTE, New Delhi under RPS scheme.
  4. As Co-Investigator : Design and evaluation of new ocular drug delivery systems. AICTE, New Delhi under RPS scheme.
  5. As Principal Investigator - Staff Development Programme, AICTE. New Delhi.
  6. As Co-Investigator : Isolation, Characterization and Standardization of Phytoconstituents from herbal extracts (Amla-Phyllanthus embellica, Mamejva-Enicostemma Littorale) used in Ayurvedic formulations by HPLC and HPTLC methods. NPMB, Dept. of AYUSH under R & D in herbals.
  7. As Principal Investigator - DST-FIST 2012, Level I category, Dept of Science & Technology.


  • Industry projects – 06
    • Completed - 05
  1. Development of Taste masked antibiotic formulation. Themis Medicate.
  2. Development of Cosmetic formulations using Eudragit polymers. Evonik.  
  3. Analytical Method Development and Validation for Assay and RS of Etodolac, IPCA Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai
  4. Calamine Lotion. Encube Ethicals Pvt. Limited, Mumbai.
  5. Development of Orabase Formulation, Meridian Enterprises.
  • Ongoing - 01
  1. Development, Standardization and Stability Studies of therapeutically effective Vegan Ayurvedic formulas for sponsor’s company’s brand, Akme Organics & Skincare Exports.

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars attended- 98


Academic activities

  • She has guided 107 M.Pharm. students for their research projects and 10 students are currently working towards their PG degree.
  • She has guided 16 PhDs successfully and 2 candidates are registered under her supervision. 


  • Bala Prabhakar, Dean, SPPSPTM, SVKM’s NMIMS received ‘101 Fabulous Global Healthcare Leaders Award’ in the 4th edition of World Health & Wellness Congress on February 14, 2020.   
  • Felicitated by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) for Professional contribution made towards the Quality Advancement Initiatives as member of B.Pharm / M.Pharm Syllabus Committee, January 2019.
  • Appreciation Certificate for the contribution to establish MHRD’s Innovation Cell at SVKM’s NMIMS for the academic year 2018-19.
  • Best Dean Award by National Education Awards 2018 by ABP News.
  • Indira Parikh 50 Women in Education Leaders 2017 by World Education Congress.
  • Research grant award 2012-13 by NMIMS University.
  • P. D. Sethi Annual Award 2011 to the Research Paper titled "HPTLC Method for Quantification of Isovitexin in the Whole-Plant Powder of Enicostemma littorele Blume” published in Journal of Planar Chromatography 24(2011) 4,301-305 – September 2012.
  • Best Research Activities Award for the year 2009-2010, 2010-201, 2011-2012 by NMIMS University.
  • Distinguished Alumni Award for the year 2007 by SNDT Women’s University.
  • Best Paper Award in Pharmaceutical Technology session in the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held at Indore in Dec ’99.
  • Awarded fellowship by U.G.C. during M.Pharm.
  • Best student Award during B.Pharm. at Andhra University.

Professional Memberships

  • Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Life Member
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, Life Member 
  • Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India, Life Member
  • International Congress of Chemistry & Environment, Life Member
  • Controlled Release Society-Indian Chapter
  • Pharmacists Organization for Women Empowerment and Research (POWER), Life Member

Recent Publications

  1. Monica Joshi, Khushwant S. Yadav, Bala Prabhakar, Quality by Design Approach for Development and Optimization of Rifampicin Loaded Bovine Serum Albumin Nanoparticles and Characterization, Current Drug Delivery, November, 2021, (Impact Factor : 2.565)
  2. Dholakia J, Prabhakar Bala, Shende Pravin, Review Article, Strategies for the delivery of antidiabetic drugs via intranasal route, , International Journal of Pharmaceutics, October, 2021, (Impact Factor : 5.875)
  3. Ms. Namita Hegde, Dr. Kapil Juvale and Dr. Bala Prabhakar, Research paper, Formulation and optimization of gefitinib-loaded nanosuspension prepared using a newly developed dendritic lipopeptide oligomer material, Chemical Papers, June 2021, (Impact factor 1.680)
  4. Monica Joshi, Bala Prabhakar, Development of Respirable Rifampicin Loaded Bovine Serum Albumin Formulation for the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis,Journal of drug delivery science and technology, February, 2021, (Impact Factor : 2.7)
  5. Namita Hegde, Kapil Juvale, Bala Prabhakar, p‑Toluenesulfonyl Chloride Catalysed Facile Synthesis of O‑benzyl‑l‑amino Acids and Their In Vitro Evaluation,International Journal of Peptide Research and Therapeutics,3 January 2020, (Impact Factor : 1.5)
  6. Pravin Shende, Steffi Augustine, Bala Prabhakar, A review on graphene nanoribbons for advanced biomedical applications, Carbon Letters, October, 2020, (Impact Factor : 1.992)
  7. Mandpe Pankaj, Bala Prabhakar, Pravin Shende, Potential of Mirabegron and its Extended-Release Formulations for the Treatment of Overactive Bladder Syndrome,Current Drug Metabolism, 2020, (Impact Factor : 2.96)
  8. Pankaj Mandpe, Bala Prabhakar, Hunny Gupta, Pravin Shende,Glucose oxidase-based biosensor for glucose detection from biological fluids,Sensor review,2020, (Impact Factor : 1.217)
  9. Amar Patil, Roma Narvenker, Bala Prabhakar, Pravin Shende, Strategic consideration for effective chemotherapeutic transportation via transpapillary route in breast cancer, International journal of pharmaceutics, August, 2020, (Impact Factor : 4.845)
  10. Monica Joshi, Bala Prabhakar, Phytoconstituents and pharmaco‐therapeutic benefits of pitaya: A wonder fruit,Journal of food biochemistry, July, 2020, (Impact Factor : 1.6)
  11. Monica Joshi, Mangal Nagarsenkar, Bala Prabhakar,Albumin nanocarriers for pulmonary drug delivery: An attractive approach, Journal of drug delivery science and technology, Apr-20, (Impact Factor : 2.7)
  12. Pravin Shende, Amar Patil, Bala Prabhakar, Layer-by-layer technique for enhancing physicochemical properties of actives, ,Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, Apr-20, (Impact Factor : 2.606).
  13. Yamini Madav, Kalyani Barve, Bala Prabhakar, Current trends in theranostics for rheumatoid arthritis, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mar-20, (Impact Factor : 3.532)
  14. Mandpe Pankaj, Prabhakar Bala, Shende Pravin, Role of Liposomes-Based Stem Cell for Multimodal Cancer Therapy, Stem Cell Review and Reports, Feb-20, (Impact Factor : 4.697)
  15. Pravin Shende, Bala Prabhakar, Amar Patil, Color changing sensors: A multimodal system for integrated screening, TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, Dec-19 (Impact Factor : 8.428).
  16. Shende P, Bhandarkar S, Prabhakar B., Heat Shock Proteins and their Protective Roles in Stem Cell Biology, Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, October, 2019, (Impact Factor : 2.967).
  17. Smita Bonde, Chandrakant Bonde, Bala Prabhakar, Quality by design based development and validation of HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of paclitaxel and vinorelbine tartrate in dual drug loaded liposomes, Microchemical Journal, 2019 June, 2019, (Impact Factor : 3.2).
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