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Dr. Sonali Sandip Bharate

Dr. Sonali Sandip Bharate

Associate Professor (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Specialization :
M. Pharm., Ph.D.

E mail : sonali.bharate@nmims.edu

Phone : 022-42332000 (Extn- 2069)

Experience : 10 years (Post-PhD)

(Research and Development: 7 years, Academics: 3 years)

After earning Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics, Dr. Sonali worked for ~2 yrs as an Assistant Professor in Pune. In June 2013, she joined CSIR- Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu, where she was actively engaged in drug discovery & development programs. She contributed in preformulation studies (early drug discovery) and formulation development of NCEs and phytopharmaceuticals. The formulations developed from her research on preclinical candidates reached the human clinical trials. Two of her oral formulations are part of IND applications. The SR formulation of anti-Alzheimer botanical lead has been out-licensed to the industry for launching in the market. She also led the IIIM-Innoveda joint project on the preclinical development of an anti-diabetic formulation that has ultimately reached the market (DIABE-250 by Nirogstreet). In August 2020, she joined NMIMS as an Associate Professor.

Interest areas:

  • Formulation development of NCEs (solid dispersions, salt screening, prodrugs etc.), nutraceuticals, and phytopharmaceuticals (sustained release formulations).
  • Modulation of biopharmaceutical properties of drugs via formulation approaches.


· Publications – 43 (International – 43, National - 0), Total impact factor: >165, h-Index: 21, Citations: 1310

· Book Chapters- 01

· Patents-09 filed and 05 granted

· Presentations- 15 (International - 07, National - 08)

· Government funded projects – 01

. Completed (Development of salts/cocrystals of natural product derived anticancer leads with favorable biopharmaceutical properties. Department of Biotechnology, Government of India (2017-2020), 34.51 Lakhs

· Industry projects- Not any

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars attended- 16

Academic activities

Guided 1 PhD student for his research project "Modulation of physicochemical properties of natural product/ phytopharmaceutical leads using formulation approaches.”


1.Two ‘Innocentive’ awards (in 2010).

2.Award of Research Associate fellowship from ICMR (May 2014- April 2017).

3. Qualified GATE-2002 in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a Percentile score of 94.03.

4. Topper (Rank 1) in the college throughout four years of B. Pharm.

5. Winner of ‘Best Disciplined Student’ of the College in the academic year 1998-99.

6. Winner of Science Quiz Competition during B. Pharm. in the year 2000-2001.

7.Winner of Extempore Competition in National Pharmacy Week during the year 2001-2002.

8. Award of a research fellowship from UGC during M. Pharm. (July 2002- June 2004).

9. Award of a research fellowship from Lupin Pharma, Mumbai, during Ph.D. (Jan 2005-June 2007).

10. Received first class with distinction, both in B. Pharm. and M. Pharm.

Professional Memberships

1. Maharashtra Pharmacy Council (Life member)

2. American Chemical Society (2019-2022; honorary)


1. Bharate SS, Kumar V, Mintoo M, Mondhe DM, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA. Novel oral formulation of anticancer compound with improved efficacy (IP Filed: IN201811026240; WO202012498A1).

2. Bharate SS, Kumar V, Singh R, Rani S, Gupta M, Kumar A, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA. Sustained release formulations of Crocus sativus. IN201711036084, WO2019077621A1; EP18796784.9; US16753969. Patent licensed to industry.

3. Bharate SS, Singh R, Gupta M, Singh B, Katare AK, Kumar A, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA. Gastroretentive sustained release formulations of Bergenia ciliata. IN201711036683, WO2019077620 A1, EP18783141.7, US16755919.

4. Bharate SS, Kumar V, Gupta M, Gandhi S, Kumar A, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA. Sustained release formulations of Dysoxylum binectariferum – IN201811014818, WO2019202610A1.

Representative Publications[Total publications= 43; citations 1310].

1.Bharate SS.* Critical analysis of drug product recalls due to nitrosamine impurities . Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2021, 64, 2923−2936 (Impact factor = 6.2)

2. Bharate SS.* Recent developments in pharmaceutical salts: FDA approvals from 2015 to 2019. Drug Discovery Today, 2021, 26, 384-398 (Impact factor = 7.3)

3. Wani A, Al Rihani SB, Sharma A, Weadick B, Govindarajan R, Khan SU, Sharma PR, Dogra A, Nandi U, Reddy CN, Bharate SS, Singh G, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA, Kaddoumi A, Kumar A. Crocetin promotes clearance of amyloid-β by inducing autophagy via the STK11/LKB1-mediated AMPK pathway. Autophagy , 2021, DOI: 10.1080/15548627.2021.1872187 (Impact factor = 9.77)

4. Reddy CN, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA, Bharate SS.* Chemical analysis of saffron by HPLC based crocetin estimation. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2020, 181, 113094 (Impact factor = 2.83).

5. Kumar V, Mintoo MJ, Mondhe DM, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA, Bharate SS.* Binary and ternary solid dispersions of an anticancer preclinical lead, IIIM-290: In vitro and in vivo studies. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2019, 570, 118683 (Impact factor = 4.4).

· Kumar V, Vishwakarma RA, Bharate SS.* Engineering solid dispersions of anticancer preclinical lead, IIIM-985: Physicochemical characterization and in vivo pharmacokinetics. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 2019, 49, 594-602 (Impact factor = 2.3).

· Bharate SS, Mignani S, Vishwakarma RA. Why are the majority of active compounds in the CNS domain natural products? A critical analysis. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2018, 61, 10345−10374 (Impact factor = 6.26).

· Kumar V, Bhurta D, Sharma A, Kumar P, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA, Bharate SS.* Impurity profiling of anticancer preclinical candidate, IIIM-290. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 2018, 166, 1-5 (Impact factor = 2.83).

· Kumar V, Bharate SB, Vishwakarma RA, Bharate SS.* Selection of a water-soluble salt form of a preclinical candidate, IIIM-290: Multiwell-plate salt screening and characterization. ACS Omega, 2018, 3, 8365−8377 (Impact factor = 2.6).

· Singh R, Kumar V, Bharate SS*, Vishwakarma RA. Synthesis, pH dependent, plasma and enzymatic stability of bergenin prodrugs for potential use against rheumatoid arthritis. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 2017, 25, 5513-5521 (Impact factor = 2.8).

· Kumar V, Bharate SS*, Vishwakarma RA. Modulating lipophilicity of rohitukine via prodrug approach: Preparation, characterization, and in vitroenzymatic hydrolysis in biorelevant media. European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2016, 92, 203–211 118683 (Impact factor = 3.8).

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