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1st Nov 2017

On the occasion of The Annual Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October to 4th of November 2017, SPPSPTM, SVKM’S NMIMS had organised a group discussion on the topic of “Demonetization- has it effectively rooted out corruption?” on the 1st November 2017.

Students who were a part of this event were Ms. Maheen Memon (First year B.Pharm), Ms. Shreya Panicker (Third year B.Pharm + MBA), Ms. Rucha Patil (Third year B.Pharm + MBA), Mr. Vedant Kamat (Third year B.Pharm + MBA), Mr. Manan Ambani (Third year B.Pharm + MBA) and Mr. Shaan Chandrel ((Third year B.Pharm + MBA). This event was adjudicated by Dr. Archana Upadhya and Dr. Amisha Vora.

The enthusiastic students who participated had varied views on the topic. Some of their opinions are listed below:-

  • The shift to plastic money has made it easier to levy an appropriate tax for all. This would ensure that all the citizens would pay their due taxes to the government. 
  • It has been only a year since the demonetization and it would require some more time to see its effects on corruption. 
  • Demonetization has failed to effectively root out corruption since the money launderers have found alternate means to safeguard their financial interests.

The discussion was healthy and interesting. The judges posed questions to the contestants who answered and had interesting ideas on what should be the strategy to reduce corruption and the good policies endorsed by the government.

Annually this week is observed to spread awareness amongst the citizens of the nation.



Appointment of Senior Research Fellow LC-MS/MS facility at the SPPSPTMFree Information Session on B.Pharm. + MBA


IPSCON - 2017 Program Coveragenirf-ranking-nmims-sppsptm-2018-1-news

SVKM’s NMIMS, SPPSPTM is ranked 9th in the country as per NIRF 2018 India


Chancellors Challenge Winners 2018


Faculty has been awarded EMBO Fellowship


Faculty have received an International Grant under GCC


Best Placement Brochure Award 


Best Institute in Pharmacy Award by DNA Innovative Education Leadership Awards

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