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 Date:   9th August 2020 (Sunday)

 Platform:   Zoom Live meeting

 Timing:   4 PM to 5 PM

 Host:   Dt. Tarannum Malik (Alumna, Batch 2013)

‘A healthy outside starts from inside and lays the foundation for our happiness. '

SPPSPTM’s Alumni Cell under the guidance of Dr. Saritha Shetty, Mr. Ashutosh Ohja, and Ms. Shweta Mishra took up the resourceful opportunity to collaborate with Dt. Tarannum Malik, an Alumna of the MBA+B.Pharm batch of 2013, as she hosted an informative and thought-provoking webinar via the online platform of Zoom Live, on the topic of ‘Holistic Nutrition’. Dt. Tarannum Malik has a Diploma in Dietetics Health and Nutrition with a specialization in Weight Management and Clinical Therapeutic diets. She owns her independent Clinic for the betterment of the general population using a holistic and wholesome diet approach.

The webinar began with a brief introduction by Dr. Saritha Shetty on the educational background and career path of Dt. Malik and the session was attended by a total of 45 enthusiastic participants. Our host for the day brushed up on the concept of Holistic Diets, various food patterns as per individual lifestyles along with the fears and doubts associated with Diet.  She shared plenty of her personal experiences and positive feedback from her clients that focused on the concept of Eating Right, Not Less, and how food could be the best preventive medicine. She also shed light on the importance of the wide range of colors in one’s diet in the form of vegetables when added to healthy versions of our daily meals. She then proceeded to bust some common myths surrounding nutrition, diet plans, weight loss, etc. with her own scientific inputs, which proved to be eye-opening for our audience. She focused on working not just on the body, but on the soul as a whole.

Dt. Tarannum Malik briefed the participants regarding her clinic’s offers on help with diet consultation, therapeutic nutrition, weight gain/loss, pre and post-natal diet, children’s diet, etc. She then displayed a variety of real-life cases of her clients, about how they benefitted from her Holistic Nutrition therapy without the constant need to pop pills to cure health problems. She was firm on her belief of ‘striving for a permanent cure rather than a temporary solution.’ Her therapy strains on inculcating all food groups in individualistic amounts without limiting one’s options.

The session concluded with an interactive Q/A round with the audience where she proceeded to clarify some doubts, attend to some queries and sum up her teachings using the 4 important P’s of Life: Proper Diet, Pranayam for endurance and stamina, a Positive mindset with pure intentions and finally, Prayers for thanksgiving. Ms. Shweta Mishra expressed her heartfelt gratitude on behalf of everyone attending and concluded this evening session. This venture wouldn’t have been possible without immense support from our Respected Dean, Dr. Bala Prabhakar, respected faculty members, Alumni Cell faculty heads, our Alumni Cell core members, and our beloved Alumni and University students for their constant appreciation and encouragement!

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