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Alumni committee of SPPSPTM organised an interactive session with Mrs. Akshaya Mohan, on 26th September 2020 (Saturday) at 6pm IST on online Zoom platform.

This session was organised with a mark for an interaction of students with their senior alumni and understand the importance of other X factor requirements that will be necessary for grooming each of them before they enter into the pharmaceutical industry.


Topic: "Roadmap towards Pharmaceutical industry: X-factor requirements after your Master's degree!

The key to fulfill your goals and dreams is to be focused, determined and to work hard to reach the target goals.

We alumni committee we were glad to have our Alumni, Mrs. Akshaya Mohan, who led the door of opportunities and interacted with our Masters and final year Bachelor students. Mrs. Akshaya Mohan has completed her M.Pharm (2014-16) from NMIMS and after few years of industry experience she further pursued her MBA from University of Central Florida. She is currently working as a Regulatory Affairs consultant at PSC Biotech Corporation, USA.

For this session had 89 registrations along with five senior alumni joining to interact with our student group. We had Mrs. Varsha Pradhan, Ms. Dielle Cutionho, Ms. Radhika Kuber, Ms. Pooja Dubey and Ms. Chaitrali also attending the session and motivating the students with few insights on the expectations from Pharmaceutical industry.

Dr.Saritha Shetty and Ms. Shweta Mishra were the host for the webinar. Dr. Saritha Shetty gave a welcome note on behalf of Alumni committee and welcomed the Alumni as well as all the alumni guest along with the student community. Later on Ms. Shweta Mishra took over the session by introducing our Speaker Akshaya Mohan.

Akshaya started her session by sharing her learning experience at SPPSPTM, how her projects helped her in critical thinking, flexibility, innovation and soft skills. Practical based learning, being focused, lots of patience and to be well disciplined. She discussed about the various challenges in Jobs both in India and abroad and how do one need to get prepared for it. She also shared her challenges during her MBA education in a new city as well as post MBA and mentioned about the learning outcomes and discussed how we should get prepared for what comes in our path. Various success factors for getting Job was also been discussed to enhance their network, to be active on LinkedIn social media, how to prepare the elevator pitch, how to plan, organise and implement the action plan was also been discussed at length. She along with other alumni shared the required skills for enhancing their personality and how they need to get out of comfort zone and explore their potential to larger extent. She concluded her session by giving away few tips on job opportunities abroad.

Lot of questions were been invited by the participants and all of the questions were taken up by the speakers and other guest alumni.

Ms. Shweta delivered vote of thanks and appreciated all the alumni who participated in the session and shared their views, their experiences with our student. The session was signed off with a great feedback reviews from the students.


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