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Dr. Pravin K. Shende

Dr. Pravin K. Shende



M. Pharm., Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow, Unito, Italy

Email Id

Phone No.

+91-022-42332000 (Extn- 2036)

Experience                 : 15 years (Research- 05 years, Academics- 10 years)                                 

He has more than 15 years of teaching and research experience with post-doctoral research experience of 3 years at University of Torino, Italy. His research areas include novel biosensors, controlled and sustained drug delivery systems, nanoparticulate delivery systems, transdermal drug delivery systems, biocarrier drug delivery systems, DoE-based formulation and development, targeted drug delivery systems, oncologic formulations, protein, peptide and DNA-based formulations.

Interest areas:

  • Biosensors, nanosponges, nanobubbles, nanoflowers, microneedles
  • Resealed erythrocytes, Biocarrier drug delivery, DoE-based formulations
  • Liposomes, dendrimers, solid-lipid nanoparticles
  • Polymeric nanoparticles, carbon NP, magnetic NP, nanocrystals
  • Targeted, Transdermal, buccal, pulmonary and pulsatile drug delivery systems
  • Inclusion complexation for improving solubility and bioavailability
  • Preformulation and stability studies of conventional dosage forms


  • Publications - 90 (International- 84, National- 06)
  • Books- 1
  • Book Chapters- 2
  • Patents- 6 (2 granted Indian patents, 1 International patent and other 3 filled patents)
  • Presentations- 18
  • Government funded projects – 1
    • Ongoing (Protein and peptide drugs for epilepsy, DST-SERB, Govt. of India, Rs. 22 L)
  • Industry projects
    • Completed (Formulation and characterization of tablets of (1) Most acute- Gliumepride and propranolol (2) least acute- Paracetamol, Freunds Corporation, Japan, Rs.5.99 L)

Conferences/Workshops/Seminars attended- 20

Academic activities

He has guided 32 M.Pharm. students for their research projects.

Five Ph.D. research scholars are registered under him.



Best researcher awards in year 2018 and 2019

Key Publications

  1. Shende,P., Prabhakar, B. and Patil, A. (2019) Color changing sensors: A point-of-care matrix system for integrated screening. Trends in Analytical Chemistry. 121, 115687. (IF=9.801)
  2. Shende P, Vaidya J, Kulkarni YA, Gaud RS. (2017) Systematic approaches for biodiagnostics using exhaled air. Journal of Controlled Release. 28; 268:282-295. (IF= 7.727)
  3. Patil, A., Narvenker, R., Prabhakar, B. and Shende, P. (2020) Strategic consideration for effective chemotherapeutic transportation via transpapillary route in breast cancer. International Journal of Pharmaceutics.119563 (IF=4.845)
  4. Takke, A. and Shende, P. (2019) Nanotherapeutic silibinin: An insight of phytomedicine in healthcare reformation. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine. 21, 102057. (IF= 5.182)
  5. Shende, P., Sardesai, M. and Gaud, R.S. (2018) Micro to nanoneedles: a trend of modernized transepidermal drug delivery system. Artificial cells, nanomedicine, and biotechnology46(1), 19-25 (IF=3.343)

Recent Publications

  1. Rodrigues, B. and Shende, P. (2020) Monodispersed metal-based dendrimeric nanoclusters for potentiation of anti-tuberculosis action. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 304, 112731. (IF=5.056)
  2. Khair, R., Shende, P. and Kulkarni, Y. A. (2020) Nanostructured polymer-based cochleates for effective transportation of insulin. Journal of Molecular Liquids. 113352. (IF=5.056)
  3. Pawar, S. and Shende, P. (2020) Dual drug delivery of cyclodextrin cross-linked artemether and lumefantrine nanosponges for synergistic action using 23 full factorial designs. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 125049. (IF=3.99)
  4. Shende, P., and Gupta, H. (2020) Formulation and comparative characterization of nanoparticles of curcumin using natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic polymers for wound healing. Life Sciences. 117588. (IF=3.647)
  5. Pawar, S. and Shende, P. (2020) 22 factorial design-based biocompatible microneedle arrays containing artemether co-loaded with lumefantrine nanoparticles for transepidermal delivery. Biomedical Microdevices. 22(1), 1-15. (IF=2.176)


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