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Dr. Rohan Vijayanand Pai

Dr. Rohan Vijayanand Pai

Assistant Professor

Qualification              : M. Pharm., Ph.D.

Specialization             : Pharmaceutics

E mail                         : rohan.pai@nmims.edu

Phone                         : 022-42332140

Experience                 : 5 years (Industry – ~2 years, Academics – 3 years)

He has completed his Ph.D. (Tech.) in Pharmaceutics from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, where he worked on the development of novel drug delivery systems for ophthalmic applications using computer-aided approaches. A part of his research dealt with applying computational methods to streamline the process of screening materials and systematically designing nanocarrier based drug delivery systems.

Previously, he was employed for two years in the Formulation and Development (F & D) department of Rubicon Research Pvt. Ltd. as a Research Officer, where he was actively involved in the development and evaluation of an in-house developed polymer and a polymeric delivery system based on their platform technology.

His interest lies in exploring interdisciplinary knowledge from different areas of applied science and utilizing them in drug delivery applications.

Interest areas:

  • Nano Delivery Systems - Formulation and characterization aspects of Nanostructured Lipid Carriers, Microparticles, and Liposomes.
  • Formulation Development - Formulation aspects of Ophthalmic, Pulmonary, Intranasal, Mucoadhesive, and Gastroretentive delivery systems.
  • Computer-Aided Formulation Development - Simulations and screening using NAMD, Schrodinger’s Drug Discovery and Material Science Suite



  • Publications – 13 (International - 12, National - 1)
  • Book Chapters - 2
  • Presentations- 6 (International - 1, National - 5)


Conferences/Workshops/Seminars attended- 15


Academic activities

He has guided 2 M. Pharm. students for their research projects.



  • Best Preclinical Research Paper Award – 2019 awarded for the Research paper titled "Exploring molecular dynamics simulation to predict binding with ocular mucin: An in silico approach for screening mucoadhesive materials for ocular retentive delivery systems” at the National Workshop on Animal Pharmacology and Toxicological Studies (APTS 2019) organized by Baptala College of Pharmacy on 27-28thDecember 2019.
  • Awarded UGC-SAP JRF and SRF fellowships for Ph.D. (Tech) specialization in Pharmaceutics at the Institute of Chemical Technology during 2014-2019.
  • Awarded 2ndplace for a poster titled "Chitosan Based Microparticles For Inhalation Delivery of Rifampicin and Rifabutin” at the 5th Symposium on Nasal & Pulmonary Drug Delivery, Mumbai, November 2011.
  • Recipient of UGC JRF fellowship for M.Pharm. specialization in Pharmaceutics at Bombay College of Pharmacy during 2009-2011.
  • Awarded 2ndplace for an oral presentation on "Novel Methods for Emulsification of Paints” at the Young Innovators Choice Competition by the Technological Association of the University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, in 2010.


Professional Memberships

  • Registered Pharmacist, Pharmacy Council of India (Maharashtra State Branch; Registration No. 125451)
  • Member of UDCT Alumni Association (UAA, ICT), Mumbai, India

Recent Publications

  1. Rojekar, Satish, Leila Fotooh Abadi, Rohan Pai, Mahendra Kumar Prajapati, Smita Kulkarni, and Pradeep R. Vavia. "Mannose-anchored nano-selenium loaded nanostructured lipid carriers of etravirine for delivery to HIV reservoirs." AAPS PharmSciTech 23, no. 7 (2022): 230.
  2. Prajapati, Mahendra Kumar, Rohan Pai, and Pradeep Vavia. "Tuning ligand number to enhance selectivity of paclitaxel liposomes towards ovarian cancer." Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 66 (2021): 102809.
  3. Rojekar, Satish, Rohan Pai, Leila Fotooh Abadi, Ketan Mahajan, Mahendra Kumar Prajapati, Smita Kulkarni, and Pradeep Vavia. "Dual loaded nanostructured lipid carrier of nano-selenium and Etravirine as a potential anti-HIV therapy." International Journal of Pharmaceutics 607 (2021): 120986.
  4. Rojekar, Satish, Leila Fotooh Abadi, Rohan Pai, Ketan Mahajan, Smita Kulkarni, and Pradeep R. Vavia. "Multi-organ targeting of HIV-1 viral reservoirs with etravirine loaded nanostructured lipid carrier: An in-vivo proof of concept." European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 164 (2021): 105916.

Pai, Rohan V., and Pradeep R. Vavia. "Chitosan oligosaccharide enhances binding of nanostructured lipid carriers to ocular mucins: Effect on ocular disposition." International Journal of Pharmaceutics 577 (2020): 119095.

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