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DIA 2016 52nd Annual Global Meeting, Philadelphia (USA) –The largest , internationally reputed interdisciplinary event that brought together key thought leaders and 6000+ professionals from pharma, healthcare and life sciences industry, academia, and Government Regulatory Agencies including FDA.

This 4 day event happened in Philadelphia from 26th to 30th of June 2016 in Philadelphia, US. It was not just a meeting, competition, exhibition or ted-talks – it was so much more than that. It was a great value-addition to everyone’s knowledge as well as professional network. Every day was packed with some really great , motivating sessions that were intelligently crafted and tailor-made to address today’s real life challenges faced by Pharma as well as the healthcare industry professionals.

These sessions covered a wide plethora of topics – right from Communication & Presentation skills to Clinical Research, and were designed and delivered by some of the arbiters of the respective spheres in a very lucid manner. The best part of these events was a blend of discussions, interactions, Q&As, group activities et al, which helped us gel well and form life-long associations with members from various professions & organizations spanning across various age groups & nationalities.

In addition to the conceptual information, some paramount learning that I received from this event was how everyone should consider themselves to be on the same page & work in harmony and consonance, sans any barrier of age or nationality, sans any notion of supremacy, inferiority, or insecurity so as to achieve synergy and make the world a better place to live in.

June 27th was the day dedicated to student poster presentations. I consider myself really fortunate for being chosen as one of the 25 student poster presenters across the globe, and for having received a free accommodation & travel grant as well from DIA. I got a chance not only to express my views on pharmaceutical marketing in front of everyone, but also to understand other’s views and thought process. It was a healthy give-and-take of knowledge. I got frank and honest comments from many experts, which would surely help catalyze my self-improvisation and professional growth. I got such a great chance not only to make professional associations but also so many international friends! I would never forget the happy moments we all had together.

I thank Prof. Ashutosh Ojha for all his help, support and timely insights without whom it would have been difficult to make it. I would also thank DIA for giving me this once-in-lifetime opportunity, and for having helped me set higher milestones and for helping me change my perspectives for good. This was the most well-organized, systematic and student friendly event that I ever attended. I look forward to attending many more of such events in life, and I would urge my juniors to put on their thinking caps, try their best and be a part of this prestigious international event that I can blindly vouch for!

[I also got an opportunity to deliver ORAL PRESENTATION in addition to presenting my poster. It was based on the topic "A GAP ANALYSIS OF MARKETER’S APPROACH TO MARKETING OF PHARMACEUTICALS AND THE ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF MARKETING IN PHARMA 3.0]




With two medical students who also got selected from India.


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