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"SPPSPTM, NMIMS provide the opportunity to learn with best minds in the country, to learn from eminent faculty. The environment not only helps in imbibing knowledge but also in developing overall personality. The skills and experience that are acquired throughout the programme gives student mind set and fuelling confidence to face any real life situation.” 
- Ruhi Raj, M.Pharm+MBA


"SPP SPTM has excellence in both academic and research field. Its multi-disciplinary course and faculty helped me to develop the problem-solving approach and think differently. I am grateful to SPTM for the career opportunities.” 
- Chandradarshan Jain, M.Pharm+MBA


"I have learnt a lot from this college over the years. It has taught me how to handle all situations and how to manage my time effectively for best results. Five years in this college have helped me build a better version of myself to be able to achieve whatever I strive for.”  
- Henna Shah, B.Pharm+MBA


"It was a great experience! The integrated course gave me an insight into both technical and commercial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.” 
- Mrunmayi Sardesai, M.Pharm+MBA


"SPPSPTM has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills. It has equipped me for all the upcoming challenges in life and has created a strong foundation of knowledge. It has taught me the importance of thinking creatively and asking questions in many situations. The experiences are truly irreplaceable.” 
-Elaine Patel, B.Pharm+MBA


"An investment in education is a life changing decision that affects our entire career and the following years of our lives. And I can proudly proclaim that choosing NMIMS School of Pharmacy & Technology Management was one of my finest decisions. A sprawling campus and infrastructure having well equipped labs augmented by highly educated professors is responsible for the many success stories of students from the Shirpur campus. I would want to grab this golden opportunity and express my gratitude to all my dear professors and supporting staff who were my pillars of strength in this journey of completion of my masters. Also special mention of all my fellow classmates who helped me create some of my most treasured memories in these two years. Now that I am out of college, I miss my NMIMS family!”  
- Purva Vilas Sawant, M.Pharm(Core)

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