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The yearly event of indoor games was conducted by Excalibur, the sports committee of SPPSPTM, SVKM’sNMIMS. It was held from 17th - 20th September, 2019 a week to inculcate team spirit before we begin with the outdoor sport events.


Indoor games included Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and Arm wrestling was introduced this year. Participants from all classes took part in huge numbers. Students from all classes came to cheer for their friends as they won class points. Faculty, staff and Ph.D students also participated in the events enthusiastically.



Winners of the events is listed below:


Singles (Female)

1stplace -Divya Bande(2nd year B.Pharm)

2nd place-Cheshtha(2ndyear B.Pharm +MBA)

3rd place-Sonakshi (2nd year M.Pharm + MBA)

Singles (Male)

1stplace -Shubhankar (5th year B.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace- Aditya Shekhar (4thyear B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace-NisargDalal (4th year B.Pharm +MBA)


Doubles (Female)

1stplace -Mansi and Tishya(4th year B.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace-Yashvi and Cheshtha (2nd year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace-Vedika and Vishwa (4thyear B.Pharm +MBA)

Doubles (Male)

1stplace -Shubhankar and Pawan (5thyearB.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace-Aditya and Angad (4thyearB.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace-Devansh and Ishmeet (3rdyear M.Pharm + MBA)

Doubles (Mixed)

1stplace -Aryaman and Cheshta (2ndyearB.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace-Devansh and Sonakshi (3rdyearM.Pharm + MBA)

3rdplace- Harsh and Divya (2ndyear B.Pharm)


Singles (Female)

1stplace- Shikha (1st year B.Pharm + MBA)

2ndplace- Madhura (1st year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace- Lubna (4thB.Pharm +MBA)


Singles (Male)

1stplace- Prasad (D.Pharm)

2ndplace- Swapnil (5th year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace- Pranjal (4th year B.Pharm +MBA)


Doubles (Female)

1stplace-Tishya and Mansi (4th year B.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace- Dhwani and Vedanti(4th year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace- Parthavi and Aarya(2nd year B.Pharm +MBA)

Doubles (Male)

1stplace-Sourabh and Rishikesh (M.Pharm + MBA)

2ndplace- Omkar and Kalpesh (4thyear B.Pharm)

3rdplace- Milan and Shubhankar ((5thyear B.Pharm +MBA)





1stplace- Pranay (4th year B.Pharm)

2nd place- Mandar (3rd year B.Pharm)

3rd place- Somil(3rdyear B.Pharm +MBA)


1stplace- Shraddha (4thyear B.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace- Dhriti Seth (2ndyear B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace- Priyankshi Thakkar (4thyear B.Pharm +MBA)




1stplace- Rohan Shah (2nd year B.Pharm +MBA)

2ndplace- AravSangvi (3rd year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rdplace- AneeshBhagat (2ndyear B.Pharm +MBA)


1st place- Ifeoma (1st year M.Pharm + MBA)

2nd place- Nakshee (1st year B.Pharm +MBA)

3rd place- Zeba (4thyear B.Pharm +MBA)


Concluding on a high note, taking part in these games after college hours helped the students and faculty take their mind of busy and mundane schedules. It helped relieve stress and boost confidence. It was a week of intense gaming, soaring adrenaline and loads of fun.

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