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Organised by: SVKM’S SPPSPTM NMIMS Extracurricular committee with The Kshamta Team

Event name: World Pharmacist’s Day

On September 24th, 2023, between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., Kshamta organized a 'Home Tree Plantation Drive' to commemorate World Pharmacist Day. Recognizing the need for environmental responsibility amidst the busy lives of individuals, the students aimed to promote awareness and action. The event saw enthusiastic participation from all 98 committee members, including core executive board members, who planted saplings within their respective residential areas. Geotagged photographs were taken during the tree planting activities and shared across various social media platforms. These tree plantation efforts hold significant importance as they contribute positively to both the environment and communities, actively addressing the challenges of climate change.

On the occasion of Pharmacist's Day 2023, held annually on 25th September Kshamta SRF organized 'Samarpan', a brand new slogan and logo making competition. The theme for the competition was - 'Organ Donation'. The event aimed to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation while encouraging and promoting creativity and artistic expression among the students. To further encourage such active participation ,prize distribution ceremony took place at Jagruti Hall on September 25th, during the celebration of Pharmacist’s day.

Winning entries of Samarpan- Slogan and logo making competition

Digital Art

Tamanna Panda

Sarah Mistry

Sania Hirlekar

Physical Art

Parvati Prasad

Rimzim Hulawale

Sohail Baggar

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