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On the 9th of August, 2017, the knights of Excalibur returned with the third season of their ultimate sports quiz called "QUIZCALIBUR” the Ultimate Sports Quiz. This quiz composed of 5 rounds pertaining to sports and it was bigger and better than ever before. This year Quizcalibur went inter-collegiate with participants from various pharmacy colleges like HK college of Pharmacy, BNCP and BCP.

The location of the quiz was 4th floor, SPPSPTM, SVKM’s NMIMS and the event kick started at 4 pm with registrations followed by Quiz competition at 5 pm. The quiz competition commenced with a MCQ based round called "Eenie Meenie Money Mo” followed by the 2nd round called "Just Deduce It” which included solving crosswords. The next round was called "Pehchaan Kaun” in which participants had to identify different audio or video clip. The 4th round was named "Dil Maange Score” followed by our 5th and final round called "Adrenaline Rush”, quite typical of the name as the last round decided our winners, so it meant nothing but WAR.


There was a footfall of 93 teams, each team consisting of 2 members and the competition level was real hard. With stakes raised higher than ever, each team gave their best shot and had the three best teams come out triumphant all because of their shining intellect in the field of sports. From left to right, at the first position, were Soham Gawde and Atharva Bamgude followed by Vedant Kamat and Ayush Srinivasan in the second position and finally Pavan Patel and Shashank Mishra bagging the third position. Kudos to every single participant who came out there and made an effort.


Various brands like Starbucks, Dominos, Brand Factory, Frapp, Ola, McDonalds, Waffle Factory, Richfeel, Mad Vision, Cutting Chai and a lot more sponsored for the event. The main sponsors that partnered up were Pure Glow, Eisai Pharmaceuticals and WISH. Starbucks also provided participants with refreshments to keep them going throughout the evening. Every single contestant who took part in Quizcalibur got vouchers from all the sponsors and the winners were awarded with vouchers and a cash prize of Rs. 5000/-, Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 2000/- for the first, second and third place, respectively.

Overall Quizcalibur was a great success with a huge response and an amazing event to kick start Excalibur’18.

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