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The students of SVKM’S NMIMS Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy and Technology Management (SPPSPTM), Mumbai participated in Rx Melange 2017-18 which is the annual inter-collegiate festival for pharmacy colleges. This event, organized by IPA-MSB-SF (Indian Pharmaceutical Association- Maharashtra State Branch-Student Forum), was held from 25th Jan to 28th Jan, 2018 and saw a host of winners from SVKM’S NMIMS SPPSPTM. Given the diversity of events conducted at Rx Melange 2017-18, the students of NMIMS SPPSPTM participated and proved to be victorious in most of them. NMIMS SPPSPTM was declared the Winner of Rx Melange 2017-18 where they won the Best Sports Trophy, the Best Cultural Trophy Shield and are awarded with the Best College Shield.


SVKM’S NMIMS SPPSPTM conducted various Health campaigns and secured 2nd position under the category of Public Health Office.

They have conducted various health campaigns like

  • Blood Donation Drive 
  • World health Days
    • World Alzheimer’s Day 
    • World Iodine Deficiency Day 
    • World Heart Day
  • Innovative Campaigns- 
    • Lakshya (in association with Kshamta) 
    • Adult Vaccine Awareness Camp 
    • Substance Abuse Awareness Street Play
    • Women’s Reproductive Health Awareness Campaign
  • Rural Area Campaign- 
    • Svasthya (in association with Kshamta) 
  • Community Outreach Camp

The students participated Hepathon: Walk for Liver marathon organized by IPA in the month August ‘2017 and was awarded with the Best College Award for the Marathon.


SVKM’S NMIMS SPPSPTM ranked 2nd in overall events conducted by Public Education Office This was achieved by

  • Maharashtra Pharmacy Congress (MPC)- 163 Delegates 
  • Maharashtra Pharmacy Quiz- 120 Teams 
  • Medicinal Chemistry Oral Paper Presentation- 1st Place 
  • Entrepreneurship Competition- 1st Place


SVKM’S NMIMS SPPSPTM won the BEST SPORTS TROPHY, for the 2nd year in a row, In RxMelange2017-18 by winning accolades in the following events-

  • Rink Football- 3rd Place 
  • Pool- 3rd Place in Boys Doubles 
  • Gaming- 2nd Place in FIFA
    3rd Place in FIFA 
  • Football- 1st Place - for the 4th Year in a row 
  • Tug-of War (Boys) - 1st Place 
  • Tug-of-War (Girls) - 1st Place 
  • Throwball (Girls) - 3rd Place 
  • Chess Boys- 2nd Place 
  • Carrom Girls- 2nd Place 
  • Table Tennis- 
    • Boys Singles- 2nd Place 
    • Boys Doubles- 2nd Place 
    • Girls Singles- 3rd Place 
    • Girls Doubles- 3rd Place 
    • Mixed Doubles- 1st Place


SVKM’S NMIMS SPPSPTM won the BEST CULTURAL TROPHY, for the 2nd year in a row, in Rx Melange 2017-18 by winning accolades in the following events-

  • Aesthetica-
    • Caricature- 1st Place 
    • Abstract Painting- 3rd Place
    • Comic Strip- 2nd Place 
    • Cartoon Making- 1st Place 
      - 2nd Place 
    • Folk Art- 3rd Place 
    • Portrait Painting- 1st Place 
    • Photography- 1st Place 
      - 2nd Place 
      - 3rd Place
  • Literati-
    • Mumbaikar Tales- 3rd Place
    • Nano Tales- 3rd Place 
    • Lettering- 1st Place 
    • Logo Making- 1st Place 
      - 3rd Place 
    • Chemistry with a Twist- 2nd Place
  • Showbiz- 1st Place 
  • Our Story-1st Place 
  • Mobile Décor- 3rd Place 
  • Parody- 3rd Place 
  • Buzz Words- 1st Place 
  • Dream World- 2nd Place
  • Singing- 
    • Solo- 1st Place 
    • Duet- 3rd Place
  • Dance- 
    • Solo- 3rd Place 
    • Duet- 2nd Place 
    • Group- 3rd Place
  • Instrumental- 3rd Place 
  • Treasure Hunt- 2nd Place 
  • Fashion Show- 1st Place 
  • Best Model (Female) - 1st Place 

The General Secretaries of External Committee for Rx Melange 2017-18, Ms. Aashka Mehta (4th yr B. Pharm) and Mr. Soham Rathod (5th yr B. Pharm + MBA), would like to thank our respected Dean, Dr. Bala Prabhakar, and our Associate Dean, Dr. Mayur Yergeri for their constant support. We would also like to express our special gratitude towards our Extra-curricular Coordinators, Dr. Archana Upadhya and Dr. Vivek Nalawade, for their mentorship and guidance. We hope to continue this winning streak in the coming years.

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