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Students of SVKM’s NMIMS conducted a seminar to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco on society. The following topics were covered by our students during the seminar on anti-tobacco day. Students from the classes of first year B Pharm, second year B Pharm and second year Bpharm + MBA attended this informative seminar arranged to celebrate the significance of ANTI-TOBACCO DAY. Using a video, they depicted the ill effects caused by smoking and what a consequences of long time exposure to cigarettes.


A detailed explanation of the reaction taking place in the body caused by the smoke was explained. Passive smoking and harmful effects caused to healthy individuals breathing in the same polluted air, was explained using a video using a living example i.e A transformation video of Mrs. Nalini Satyanarayana was projected to demonstrate the effects of passive smoking.


A detailed presentation was shown to explain the transformation in the lifestyle caused due to smoking. The issue of addicts and peer pressure were addressed. Simple and efficient techniques to get rid of smoking were illustrated.

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