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Organised by: SVKM’S SPPSPTM NMIMS Extracurricular committee with The Extermal Committee (TEC) team.

Event name: World Pharmacist’s Day

On the eve of World Pharmacists Day, SPPSPTM celebrated this occasion to commemorate and honor the contribution of pharmacists to the Healthcare Industry on September 25, 2023. Pharmacists are an integral part of the Healthcare world. Pharmacists bridge the gap between diagnosis and treatment. Whether it is dispensing medications or conducting research on new drugs and medicines, pharmacists play a vital role in guiding patients. Pharmacists have built up a big reserve over many years of caring and excellent practice. WHO decides a theme for every pharmacists’ day to highlight the current roles of Pharmacists. The theme for this year was "Strengthening Health Systems”.

The Second event was the Group Discussion and Debate, which was an intellectual forum where participants engaged in rigorous discourse, presenting their well-articulated arguments on various topics. The first round comprised a 15 minute group discussion on the ‘Ethical and pricing issues that pharmaceutical industry in India faces’ in which 7 students participated. The second and the final round was a modified Oxford style debate with 4 finalists on the topic ‘NMC: Prescription for change in medicine and healthcare markets.’

The third event was the Nukkad Natak which raised awareness on sexual abuse, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and antibiotic resistance. 10 students helped put up the 12 minute play which was intriguing, informative and impactful.




Elocution Competitions:

1)      Importance of Organ Donation:

Position 1: Sanjana Kumari, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (1st Year) Position 2: Shraddha Upasani, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (2nd Year) Position 3: Aayushi Mehta, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (1st Year)

2)      Management lessons from Lord Ganesha:

Position 1: Vamika Khanna, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (3rd Year) Position 2: Gargi Bhalerao, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (1st Year) Position 3: Darshini Shah, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (2nd Year)

Group Discussion and Debate Competition:

Position 1: Sonia Mishra and Ananya Dhoot, Bachelor of Pharmacy + MBA (1st Year)

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