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‘People don’t invest in products and services, but in good relations, stories and magic!’

Success in sales comes after you completely stretch yourself past your limits and test your true potential. The Cultural cum Corporate Annual fest titled Isthmus-Urjja 2019-2020 organized an enthralling event focused on gauging one’s marketing skills and calling out the Entrepreneur within!

TheManagement Events’ department was responsible for hosting this resourceful event called ‘Trade Warfare’, an effort to instill sharp business acumen, brush up students’ salesmanship skills and gracefully build a rapport between our enthusiastic participants and the notion of trading!


The first round’s highlight was targeting one’s Digital Marketing skills through an Online contest held on Instagram. About 60 teams consisting of 2 members each, brainstormed ideas to one-up the other, creating ingenious profiles promoting a series of sustainable business product lines, including Bamboo India, Ecolution, HeapwellMatcha, Beco, Treewear and Starly Cosmetics. The aim was to generate enticing posts thereby attaining maximum likes, comments and followers. Content played the role of an atomic particle in this streak of Digital Marketing! A bonus task was assigned in the form of a Meme-Making contest, giving participants the chance to display their originality and deliver humor at its best. This round lasted from 11th–25thJanuary2020 and teams devoted their time wholeheartedly.

The second and final rounds were held on the 27thJanuary2020 wherein the top 10 teams qualifying the online round gathered at the Pilot plant,SPPSPTM, Mumbai ready to compete in an actual sales task involving physically moving around campus or delving out, selling products from few of the sustainable business companies. This round tested teams’ conviction, persuasion, sales and marketing skills on a real-time basis! Participants ventured out, convinced strangers to purchase products at higher prices and cleverly navigated their way through the rush of the contest!

On exhaustion of the time limit of a few hours provided beforehand, the teams rushed back to the starting point, unstoppable and determined to crush the competition! Witnessing the kind of sheer hard-work they put in was a sight to behold! The event ended with plenty of pleased members, basking in the glory of their dedication! The first, second and third place was secured by Deepanshu Dang and KashishKukreja (IIIB.Pharm+MBA), Pratiti Gandhi and Tanya Bavadekar (IIB.Pharm+MBA) and AvniNautiyal and Anjali Bhagat (IM.Pharm+MBA) respectively.

Few glimpses of the event:


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