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‘Be fearless in the pursuit of exploring what’s yet to be discovered’

Life’s either a daring adventure or nothing at all! To instill a true voyager’s spirit in the students of SPPSPTM SVKM’s NMIMS,the team Isthmus-Urjja 2019-2020 hosted a Treasure Hunt, covering the expanse of our delightfully vibrant city, Mumbai. The Treasure Hunt took place on the 5th of January, 2020 with a total of 20 enthusiastic teams comprising of 3 members each. Our young explorers gathered at the gates of Mithibai College at 7.30 a.m., disregarding the Sunday morning temptation to sleep in and entirely pumped up for the event. The Hunt was not only limited to the students at SPPSPTM, but received recognition from other schools and colleges too!


On commencement, teams were handed out envelopes containing clues to 4 major locations in no particular order. Teams brainstormed together, attempting to crack the puzzles and decode the codes before their rival teams could get a head-start. The aim was to reach each of the 4 locations, receiving a total of 4 final clues (1 at each location), which when put together would lead them to their final destination. Teams rushed out, hiring public transportation or driving their own vehicles to journey onto their quest.

The 4 primary locations were: SamBar Kitchen (Khar), Raheja Hospital (Mahim), St. Mary’s Basilica (Pali Hill) and ONGC Office (BKC Backroad). Upon solving the final clues, they were required to reach Heritage Garden (Powai Hiranandani) which was their Final Spot! Along the way, teams could choose to perform a series of Bonus tasks as well, which would result in reducing their final Hunt time.


At every location, a group of volunteers were present to conduct tasks that teams would have to successfully complete in order to proceed to their next location. The invigorating spirits displayed by every team and their sheer determination to surpass the others was a sight to behold! Hardcore co-ordination between teams proved to be really helpful with quick completion of every task! The thrill of the adventure was felt at every spot, the event got livelier as every team thrived to win wholeheartedly.


We’d like to congratulate the three winning teams:

1stPlace:Aditya Suvarna, DhwaniHaria and YashSaxena(4th Year B.Pharm + MBA)

2ndPlace:AngadParmar, Priyankshi Thakkar and TishyaBhathija(4th Year B.Pharm + MBA)

3rdPlace:Owais Shaikh, Sadaf Bhagwani(4th Year B.Pharm + MBA) and KashishMarfani (2nd Year B.Pharm + MBA)

The core team at Isthmus-Urjja worked wonders in engineering the Hunt, devising nerve-wracking clues, constantly refining their ideas by trial and error, spending their time in organizing this fruitful event! We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the entire Core Team at IU 2019-2020, the volunteers, our budding explorers, our Extra-Curricular committee faculties: Dr. Divya Suares, Dr. Surendra Agrawal and Dr. Khushwant Yadav and special thank you to our respected Dean, Dr. BalaPrabhakar for their constant support and encouragement without which this would have been impossible!

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