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URJJA 2020

Date:6th March, 2020

Venue:Mukesh Patel Auditorium, Vile Parle (West)

Time:9.00 a.m. onwards

‘Focus on being enthusiastic: a recipe replete with excitement, inspiration,
motivation and a hint of creativity.’

Another fruitful venture begun as Isthmus-Urjja embarked on its 12thsuccessful year of celebrating the zest of the Corporate symposium in a mélange with its Cultural slice of life! This is a record of the flow of events during our Cultural Fest titled ‘Urjja2020’.


Registrations began at 9.00a.m., enthusiastic faces were seen everywhere, bubbling students gathered around to settle in for the ride of a lifetime! Brightly lit faces excitedly discussed all the events they were looking forward to and blatantly showcased their undying zeal to participate wholeheartedly. Our belovedAnchors for the day kept everyone riled up and at the edge of their seats at all times with their interactive gags and laughter sessions!


Mr. Ojas Bhatt, the judge for our event ‘Raise The Mic’ gathered his beyond talented students to entertain the crowd with a riveting Djembe session. The crowd swayed with the melodious tunes! Our first event to be held on-stage was the Band Performance wherein our musically-inclined youth performed sensational music pieces to keep the crowd pleased!This performance was received with a huge round of applause as the audience connected on a musical level with the team.




This was followed by the first official contest for the day, Raise The Mic – the singing competition, which included two categories – solo and group performances. The judges for the same were Mr. Ojas Bhatt – Deputy Director of SVKM’s performing arts’ dept., Founder of Offbeat Percussions and a trained professional of Tabla, Djembe and Theatre and Mr. RohitDebanath, Founder of Artistic Souls, a talent Education company with the goal of taking Musically inclined kids to achieve their dreams. Every performance had the hall echoing with joyous praises as the crowd went berserk with the musical display.The audience could participate in an online voting process called PunchIn too, to make their opinions count. A short lunch break commenced after this event.


The next awaited event for the day was ‘ActAttack’ – the parody-making contest where teams from various classes were provided with a famous movie and a prop to be incorporated as a part of their movie parody. The most hilarious performances would secure winning prizes. Judge for the event was Mr. GururajWadke, Assistant director for various famous Web series and TV shows with global presence. Our teams depicted sheer talent and their hardworking abilities really showcased how much effort was put into their acts! The audience literally couldn't stop laughing thanks to their comedic performances.



To follow up, the next event titled‘Footloose’ – our Dance Contest witnessed our bravehearts performing to their heart's content, gracefully owning the stage with their splendidly choreographed acts! The judge for the event was Dr. DrushtiPatange, trained dancer proficient in varied dance styles and a physiotherapist by profession. Our dancers gloriously swayed across the stage, displaying hardcore zest and never-ending energy to secure their winning spots. The crowd cheered wholeheartedly for every act thereafter.



It was then time for the final event of the day –‘Panaché’ – our much-awaited Fashion Show event starring our invigorating students putting up their best show to attract us with their beautiful costume ideas. The judges for the event were TheSOBOGuyz, Mr. Amaan, Mr. Armaan and Mr. Vivek who have luxurious brands of fashion, health and lifestyle together. The themes for the event were Zodiac signs, Elements of Life, Cultural display and so on! Teams exhibited pure passion as they stole thelimelight with their walks.


The day came to a blissful end as the concluding Prize Distribution Ceremony was conducted to appreciate and reward the worthy efforts of every winning participant that day! Bubbling with excitement, deserving students came forth to grab their awards, completely satisfied after their immense contribution!


The 4th Year B.Pharm + MBA class bagged the Best Class Trophy by beating the rest of the years after securing maximum class points and emerged victorious in this wild race!

Our General Secretaries for the year, Mr. Somil Shah and Mr. RaghavRungta gave a heartfelt Vote of Thanks as the audience cheered wholeheartedly for the entire committee. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of our Dean, Dr. BalaPrabhakar, our Extra-Curricular Committee Heads, Dr.Khushwant Yadav, Dr. Divya Suares and Dr.Surendra Agarwal.


The Student Committee at IU 2019-2020 would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to every single person involved in making this a grand success!


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